Sweet Nothings

First of all, pardon me for rambling. But I just paid, in full, tuition to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training for Spring 2012. This is my time. All of my fear and anxiety are out the window.

I am a 'karma yogini' at my local studio. This means I help out there, at the studio, in exchange for the opportunity to practice yoga there. More specifically.. I clean, disinfect, launder stinky wet/warm towels, and make sure the hot room is perfect. I prepare it so you can come in and practice with no distractions.

I clean with my fellow karma yogini and overall really amazing woman. It was today, during or weekly Friday session, that she helped me flip the switch. She told me to have fun with it.

Fun, what?

I FORGOT about fun. I forgot Teacher Training didn't have to be so serious and scary. I forgot it isn't a life or death decision, it is what I want in my heart and I am so content with it. That is enough.

I am resolute to go and this fact sits nicely inside of me, occupying the home that I have been making for it since my first class and since the beginning of this blog. This is me and I'm gonna do me. I am going to have fun with it.

Also, I've noticed that I have journeyed away from posts about postures and more into posts about feelings. In the spirit of getting out of my head, my next couple of posts will get back to the basics about my postures and my progress on a more physical level.

Enough with the heavy, there is plenty of time for that at training.

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Mark said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to reading about your experiences at TT. Best wishes!

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