Teacher training is less than 20 days away and I couldn't be more ready and excited for the challenge. Imagine that, me actually looking forward to the challenge. I watch expectations float by with none taken to heart. To get ready for this journey which starts on April 15, I am going as often as I can to Yoga. That equals about 5-7 times per week. I will have Half Moon, Awkward, and Eagle memorized by the start of training which is April 15.

Class this morning was great. I hadn't been in 3 days because I was getting over the flu and our car broke down which puts a cramp in my style. I had a REVOLUTION in Cobra Pose. The teacher always say, Kirsten drop your shoulders. I always mentally scream, "BUT I AM!"... but I wasn't! I was pushing them down not relaxing them. I get it! I get it now. I didn't go deeper into the posture as a result because I was so dumbfounded that my mouth went agape. So excited to try that posture next time, the right way.People at my home studio have been AMAZING and supportive of my upcoming BKTT (Short for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training). I am 'that girl that is going to teacher training'. Here are couple of things I have started to pack:
1. Vega Protein Powder- I am not a fan of supplements, I like to get all I need via whole healthy foods but there will be nights when I am too exhausted too cook and to hungry to sleep. This is for those nights.

2. InstaCalm- I have anxiety plain and simple. This is not the simple white girl type of anxiety, it is a diagnosed condition that I have dealt with since I was 23. This magnesium supplement adds magnesium which is lost through sweat, is good for my PVCs, and helps soothe the monsters in my mind.

3. ConcenTrace - This adds much needed electrolytes into your water. I use this regularly in my normal practice. It is tasteless but is a bit slimy so will change the consistence of the water a bit. Honestly, this has been a life saver. Drinking water is not enough to stay hydrated if you are practicing often. YOU MUST REPLENISH your electrolytes otherwise you can wind up in the hospital like I did.

3. Bobble- Another plastic water bottle, womp womp. This will filter LA tap water which is chlorinated and a far cry from my beautiful mountain fed tap water here in the mountains.

4. I sent back my clean canteen and purchased an insulated Hydro Flask. I went with the 40oz option because the largest 64oz (while capable of producing water orgasms in the hot room) is just too heavy when full.

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