Day 3: Compassion

Yesterday I was so exhausted that I couldn't make it to the hill to go snowboarding after my morning class. My body felt fantastic though, there is nothing else on earth that enables me to feel like I do after a Bikram Yoga class. Today I got some mountain time in the AM and took a later class. After snowboarding, my legs always feel stronger in class even as random bruises from boots and bumps start to surface.

I am dealing with a stiff neck. That is not a good way to start a challenge, because if I remember correctly.. it only get's harder before it doesn't get harder (not going to say it gets easier). To deal, I am not turning my head in right Triangle, Final Spinal, and today I sat out Rabbit.. and I love Rabbit. Lately I have been able to feel my vertebrate separating in that posture and it fells amazing. Teach gave me some great advice to really let it all go in Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose, letting my spine hang down, gravity pulling it towards the floor. We are supposed to do this in every class, but today I let my focus center there. While doing this, I almost forgot about my screaming hamstrings.. almost.

Yesterday, my teach was very hands on. Finding a Bikram Yoga teacher who is confident enough to make corrections AND has eyes in the back of their head is a rarity and a gift. He makes it possible to be in every.single.moment. of class. With my neck and back muscles clenched from my stiff neck, by the end of Half Moon, I was out of breath. I was, as my teacher put it, suffering. Staring down at the floor with my chest heaving, I did not panic. I stood on my mat, in my space, and reminded myself not to judge the fact that it was so early in class and already I was loosing steam. I would trust myself to catch my breath and I would trust myself to join back in when I was ready. Teach noticed and said, "Kirsten, you are suffering. That is alright but look in the mirror and witness yourself suffering." What a beautiful and honest joy to for my teacher to see me in that moment and to be there to lean on.

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