Cookie Monster

Check off Day 6 of my 30 day Bikram challenge and day 6 of my 14 day South Beach Detox.

I want a cookie so bad.

I am getting more than enough calories of good whole vegetables, salmon (which I have re-introduced to my vegetarian diet), cheese, legumes, seeds, and nuts. But for two weeks, I can't have any BAD carbs. This means no wine, no vodka shots, no homebrew that stares at me from the back of the fridge. This also means no bread, potatoes, carrots, or anything that causes a spike in blood sugar levels. I also cannot have fruit for two weeks (no sucrose, fructose...). The purpose of this detox is to break me of my cravings for unhealthy foods and quick carbs. After the holidays with all of the stiff eggnogs, Christmas cookies, and parties it was time to get clean.

I am supplementing my hydration with remineralization drops for my water. This ensures that even though I am drinking tons of water, I am also getting the proper minerals because an imbalance of electrolytes can cause a wide range of problems none of which are good.

My practice is good. It hasn't seen any significant advances in the physical realm only the non-physical mind. I am much more calm, collected, and clear at all hours of the day. My neck seems to be getting better slowly so I am still taking it easy in rabbit at my RMT's behest. It is easier for me to do this challenge by not thinking about it in the 30 day scheme of things. I'm taking each day at a time but I want a freaking cookie.

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