More Trust & Less Judgement

*Photography by Lisa Marie Johnson

New Yoga clothes are purchased including my first pair of Shakti shorts and a killer soft top from Onzie. Onzie runs small for sure. I am normally a medium but I am bust, bust, busting out of that top size medium/large.. but it still looks good at a fine price. My hubby has the mens shorts and they seem to fit him normally- a Small/Medium for a size 32 waist. Also, the materials were different depending on print, not that there is anything wrong with that... just saying.

My 30 day challenge starts Monday along with a self imposed detox. I am too honest with myself to do a juice cleanse at this point of the journey, I am so not there yet and would go postal if I tried so I will eat on the South Beach Diet Phase 1 for two weeks. I am vegetarian so I will sub meat with legumes.

Its not like this challenge is about finding a new me. Its not about a revolution in my life or this huge step to a better life. I simply want to do it. It is going to be hard, yeah.. I am not looking forward to those days when I just doooon't want to to because my big girl pants don't fit right... so my philosophy is to go early in the day and get it done!

We wrote intentions on our 30 day challenge calenders at my yoga studio, my intention for this 30 day challenge is as follows: To trust myself more and judge myself less.

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