When did Capers get renamed to Whole Foods

-Don't look at self in mirror if you make eye contact it might mean you are actually here.
-I feel like someone opened my head to pour concrete in, it settled in my feet and midsection and I feel heavy.
-When did I develop a beer belly?
-I wish all the lakes and oceans would pour into my mouth right now.
-Ice cubes trickling into my Tonic sports bra.
-If the instructor calls me out today I will give her a death stare.
-I'll just lay here for a while.
-Its hot.
-Am I actually going to throw up this time? This will be a first, what if I can't make it through the door.
-My man is totally showing me up right now.
-Its not a competition but I give up.
-At least I showed up?
-F*ck it's hot.
-Maybe if I adjusted my top I could breath better.
-Shit that means I just fidgeted.
-Fall out of Triangle then forget how to get back in.
-Avoid eye contact in mirror.
-Lay on floor.
-Attempt to do Camel ended in 'put your hands in back pockets'.
-I am so heavy today I bet I won't even need to take my pony tail out for rabbit.
-Shit I was wrong (proceed to get hair tie stuck in hair for 2 minutes).
-I am not sure I am going to make it to the door.


Lisa @ Just here. Just now. said...

"Fall out of triangle and forget how to get back in." - brilliant. I'm gonna need to remember that one!

Catherine said...

"Shit I was wrong" ALWAYS ALWAYS happens to me especially since chopping off tons of my hair two months ago. I just don't know how to deal with it.

So glad you showed up, glad you made it to the door, glad you made it to the keyboard. :)

-Duuuuuhhhhhhh. Yes.

Yolk E said...

Love it! Great post :-)

Oh, Bikram and hair. It's an endless conundrum, and it persists to be an issue even though I've chopped off most of mine too.

dgd said...

Oh I love this!!! The things that go through our monkey minds! :)

Angela Bylo said...

this was actually my class last night! I COULD NOT FOCUS FOR SHYT! and my instructor even called me out on it during first set of half-tortoise when I decided to daydream and was still lying in savasana (he proceeded to kick my leg and snapped his fingers at me, forcefully whispering WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GET IN THE POSTURE!)

old post, but you really hit the nail on the head!! glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

- Angela

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