Healing is contagious.
My father is 68 years old and yesterday I took him to the first yoga class of his life. Today, we went to his second. Tuesday, we will go to his third. In an effort to spend some quality time with dad and be as supportive as possible during his time of treatment for prostate cancer, he came around to yoga.

The restorative yoga teacher here at ProCure, a Proton Therapy Center, is Jeanie Brown. She is fantastic.
She has modified the postures to be oh so accessible and is attentive to those (me) who want to push farther. She has an eye on all of her students and leads the class with confidence.

Each day in her class, I learn more about my muscles. I take a breath. Life in the South moves at a slower pace (at least for me) and when you are caring for someone who requires peace and healing in their lives, patience is paramount. Slowing down is a necessity.

I see this all as an opportunity to learn (take) and offer acceptance and love (give). What do you do when someone you love has cancer? The more I think about this question, the more I see what an opportunity this is. This is an opportunity to heal in every aspect and dimension of the word. What an honor to be a part of his journey. We heal and grow and create memories. My heart swells in that yoga room when I see him try. I use my desire and passion for yoga and well-being to give, give, and give more positivity and health to every aspect of our time together.

After two yoga classes with dad, I have learned that he is quite flexible and mobile. He is capable of health. We are capable of so much and dad's going to be alright.
*Photo of dad after his first yoga class. Ever.

Yoga is where it's at.


justherejustnow said...

That is so wonderful! I have shared yoga with my dad, too. It's such an incredible experience to have generations practicing side-by-side. Wishing much health to you and your dad!! Thanks for sharing.

Mark said...

Such an uplifting post!! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope all goes well for your Papa!!!!

AliveintheFire said...

I love this post, and the look of genuine happiness on his face :) Namaste!

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