I did it. I did it with so much joy I felt like the entire room thought I had taken a hefty dose of MDMA before class.

I approached my teacher before class and told her quickly and giddily with tears in my eyes. 'TODAY'S MY FIRST DAY BACK IN OVER A MONTH'. I did a bunny hop too (such a yoga dork). She said I would be fine... to which I replied, "I know but I am having some heart problems so I will stand in the back and sit down if needed and leave when and if I need to."

She said of course and gave me a curious glance.

I didn't leave the room. It was quite the opposite with no irregular heartbeats to speak of. I pushed hard but not too hard. I even saw my partner in the corner who also hadn't been in a month and a half. (We got hitched and honeymooned in Indonesia for a month but more on that in another post). He had sloppy arms but not I!

The hardest posture was Awkward as my legs have gotten weaker. My favorite posture was Final Spinal in which I had a breakthrough by pulling into and up through my core like I never have before (that rhymes).

I told my fear to shove it with a royal 'F-U' and p.u.s.h.e.d. Camel to my limit letting my heart know that I was not afraid. Twice, I could have stayed there all day.

I was dizzy in Rabbit, which was my only freak out.

My alignment in Half Moon was less than stellar thanks to my long time not practicing.

So today I am in another State and another city with no Bikram Studio. I sit recuperating and sore from my first day back with my second love (Bikram). I have never wanted to be a teacher more in my life. Life looks good.

A teacher recommended 'fish oil' supplements to help with faster healing of sore muscles.. but I am a vegetarian and don't trust the source of a supplement titled 'fish oil'. I am looking for a vegetarian supplement that would help me and my sore overstretched muscles recoup more efficiently.

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tam said...

Yay to your first class back! I was treated to being taught by Bikrams niece today! So cool : )

Bikramyogajourney said...

So its a family business!? That sounds cool!

Mark said...

Congrats on getting back in and pushing your fear aside!!

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