Getting my shiz together:

I go home for the holidays on December 21.
My school work is due December 23.
My final exam is Janurary 3.
Goal#1: to get some heart to heart time with Bikram and my textbook before I leave.

Class: Get 5-6 classes in before I leave.

P.S. Did I mention that I have officially been going to Bikram for one year. My studio sent me a happy anniversary email. My boyfriend and I don't even have an anniversary..


AliveintheFire said...

That's sweet that your studio sent you an email :)
And hey, you can always pick an anniversary with your BF! That's what my husband and I did while we were dating, cuz we couldn't remember the exact day. :)

klekin on said...

ability to run on a treadmill while studying: been done(thanks, tri delts)...

if you can somehow master reading your textbook in Bhujangasana- now, THAT would be impressive :)

Catherine said...

Hey, why'd you change the blog name?

ellelove7 said...

My man and I consider our first date as our anniversary... Which is Easter. Easy for a man to remember.

bikramkirsten said...

Catherine- The change is not permanent. I am in the process of finding a more concrete name for my blog. I have a couple in the running.. Bikram Journey is just so vague.. I like it, but I feel like I have evolved.

Klekin- I am impressed with your yoga terminology!

We are getting married this summer so that will be our anniversary :)

ellelove7 said...


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