Do you ever have those classes where you feel weak, like someone took your muscles out for a drive and never came back?

My body felt this way yesterday AND today. Yes I am hydrated.

My Bikram studio has two locations. For my entire Bikram career, I have been going to the one same location but today, because of timing of the classes- I tried the other location. WOW.

It is so much bigger and newer and again WOW! My instructor (who I've had before at the other location) made two corrections.
Feedback makes me giddy.

She said two things:

First, during Pranayama at the beginning of class, She told me to lift my chest . I DO fill it and lift it with breath, but it was a structural modification. She shifted my upper body around. It felt different, but when she let go for second set- I couldn't seem to get back to where she had put me. Humph!

Second, Half Moon Pose she told me to push my hips forward more. THANK YOU! Thank you for seeing me stuggling with my alignment and helping me Julia! Muchas gracias.

I am happy with todays class and new studio experience but I probably had more eye rolling and dramatic pauses during class today than I ever had. It was just so damn hot, I ran out of water, obsessed about that for a while, and as mentioned above I felt weak.

That brings me to another point.

I go to Bikram yoga to help me on my road to well- being.. but also to be present. But.. how much of class do I spend waiting for it to be over! I think, I just have to get my yoga in for the day. Or when would it fit better into my day, early or late.. aren't I supposed to be enjoying the postures.

Aren't I supposed to be enjoying my yoga time and not just going through the motions to get it done for the day?

**Photo- my niece manipulated poor Ken into downward dog... on the dog.


AliveintheFire said...

THE PHOTO hahahaha! So silly.

I sometimes wonder this too -- whether I should be enjoying class more. It's always hard, always hot. Always something to complain about or worry over.

But then a teacher will say, "Choose not to suffer" during a posture and it reminds me... it's my choice whether I'm suffering or not! I can, if I want, decide to ENJOY the struggle of Triangle pose. I can relax. Let go.

It's just a moment away :)

ellelove7 said...

Haha! I always say that there is a reason its called a torture chamber... You can't enjoy torture, but you can choose to find peace. I think its more fulfilling that way. :)

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