'Don't ride your bike on the sidewalk.'
-Would you have told me this if you knew I hadn't been, but that you caught me in the transition between riding my bike on the street and parking it in front of the store?

'Don't leave your yoga towel in the stairwell, its a fire-hazard.'
-My Gaiam towel is not physically capable of randomly bursting into flames. If you fixed the window seals of the apartment building, I could dry it inside.

'Don't say Xmas when you mean Christmas.'
Don't assume you know best.

'Don't put your yoga mat there'
It is not my fault this is the only spot left.

Who ARE these people. Lately my energy is focused on trying to avoid being reprimanded or corrected but that is all that is happening.

Do I just look like a punching bag?
I choose to live by example rather than by pushing my opinions on other people.

That is the word for this.
People (me included) on autopilot satisfying their self but not realizing their Self.
Look inward before you express your opinion. You owe it to yourself.

I am putting it out there in the universe:
With love, I ask for peace, tolerance, and patience.

Yoga tonight. I have a feeling there will be tears. The thought of Camel makes me want to scream.


AliveintheFire said...

It's against the law to ride bikes on sidewalks here in Evanston and I laugh every time old people scowl at me for doing it. Or people walking sigh and roll their eyes. I just breeze past, often going the wrong way up the street. :)

Your post also made me think of the time I biked to yoga and was INCHES away from being clipped by a guy opening his car door right in front of the studio. I skidded to a halt, my heart pumping fast and my anger rising, and he gets out and says nonchalantly, "Oh, sorry." Shrugs. Like it's no big deal that I almost just DIED ha. I was SO mad!! Tried to let it go before class, but I was cursing his name under my breath in the heat. Afterward I felt a lot better...

It's hard not to let the opinions of others affect us, though. Patience is much easier said than done.

Thanks for posting on this!

bikramkirsten said...

Thanks so much for your comment.

I was contemplating deleting this post because I was so worked up about everything yesterday. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Words cannot express say how much I appreciate the fact that you care.

Happy Holidays!

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