My instructor last night was there with me. He was there with every breath, grimace, and fidgety wipe of sweat. He even helped me forget about how small my shakti bra was. My bozongas were not in the way last night!

It was my first class with Dylan but it won't be my last. Yesterday was day 3 in a row for me. I went in with screaming hamstrings and the plan to just show up and get through class. During Ardha Chandrasana I was disabused of my plan.

Dylan learned my name. He used it throughout class.
Class was small and he learned everyones name.

As I bent forward during the first Pada-Hastasana my legs shaking instructor crouched down 5 feet from me, "lock your knees Kirsten you are so close, lock your knees, lock your knees." I was ALMOST there.

I started to come out of Standing Bow early but nope,"Kirsten your so close just a little longer."
My back leg kicked back up and I finished strong.

Deep (somewhat quiet) heaving breaths through my nose after first set of Trikosana, "Kirsten! you are holding your breath, this is not underwater yoga."

Laying flat on my back during the first set of standing leg head to knee, "What's wrong in the front row, do you need a hug?"
I received a sweaty half hug and then dragged my ass up and did second set.

During Savasana, instructor came up to me and leaned over me and said, "What time is it!?". I was dumbfounded.. What!? Maybe 8:45?? I thought to myself exhausted and confused.. then someone yelled, "Its Camel time." I laughed quietly with a shit eating grin. There was no way I was missing Camel and certainly no way I was leaving the room as he grabbed me some fresh water.

After class, a tear came as I thanked him for noticing me. For pushing me farther than I thought I could go. For helping me forget about 'thinking about how far I could go." What a unique teacher he is. How refreshing.

No posture is ever perfect. I try so hard to have correct form. I let go a little bit last night and went so much farther.

We Bikram Yogies dig within to find the courage to stay in the room. Dylan really helped me find it last night.

After a rough day, and my Ego post below, my faith in humanity is restored.

**Photo taken Vancouver Earthdance 2010, I am in there somewhere!

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Lala said...

i love classes like those! you end up working harder than you thought you could, and it's so exciting! i know some would prefer to be left alone, etc, but the nudging and corrections and cheerleading helps me forget everything else.

thx for the post!

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