Feeling Witty

Bikram Yoga is ideal for everyone because:

If you are into self loathing:
Putting yourself through hell for 90 mintues will suit you just fine. It might even eventually help you not to loath.

If you are into getting a workout and burning some unwanted calories:
No other exercise will work every muscle in your entire body. Where else can you loose 700 calories in a 90 minute time period?

If you don't like people pushing you:
The instructor will try, but really, Bikram Yoga is all about you pushing yourself so you can go as hard or as soft as you like. Hell, just lay there as long as you are laying the right way and trying the right way.

If you have an injury:
That heat is therapeutic. With 26 'beginner' asanas you can sit out some and reap the benefits of others.

If you are 'mental':
Those 90 minutes will help you get out of your head, especially as time wears on.

If you are old:
You don't have to be flexible. Get it through your head, it is NOT about flexibility, it is about body alignment and trying your best.

If you are ugly (I don't really believe you are ugly):
You will have every opportunity to stare at yourself and find peace in the collective you staring back.

If you don't have a boyfriend:
Bikram yoga is addictive. It will be your boyfriend from now on.

If you hate the heat:
You are shit out of luck.

Class was SO crowded. The max occupancy for the hot room where I practice is 40. There were 45 people in there. That means it was muy caliente!

I went for all the backbends except camel because I was loosing consciousness in the heat. That is thanks to Lacey's encouragement.

My right knee swelled steadily through class and I could actually feel my lower back get hotter than the rest of my body.

Favorite posture today: Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon
Worst Posture today :Dnadayamana Dhanurasana- Standing Bow

P.S. What a great idea. Recycle your stinky yoga mat instead of letting it collect dust or throwing it away. Click here.


hannahjustbreathe said...

Ha---this post is awesome. Gave me quite a chuckle this morning. Especially the bit about Bikram becoming your boyfriend. Oh SO true. :)

ellelove7 said...

Ha! You're welcome! ;) I bet it felt better than you thought it would, huh?!

AliveintheFire said...

Love this post! You are hilarious :)
Also, congrats... you won the hot yoga towel!!!
Can you send me your email so I can put you in touch with Yoga With Style?
rachelcstroud at gmail.com

Catherine said...

This is awesome.

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