Digital Me

If you saw me, met me in person. Would I be the same as I am here on my blog?
Is the digital image you create for yourself an accurate depiction of you or is it simply what you want to present to the world? Wanting to present an image and being that image are one in the same but can be completely different altogether.

If I saw you in the hot room, I would be nervous.
I would be intrigued but intimidated that you so know so much about me.
I strive to be as honest in person as I am on my blog.. but when I have time to edit my thoughts and carefully place them down (usually), how do I appear?
It doesn't matter.

This blaahhg in general is a selfish tool use in order to focus myself, visualizing my goals of well being.
Deep thoughts tonight.

Tonight I had an amazing teacher. Not just an instructor but a teacher. I don't get a lot of feedback in the yoga room. I usually keep to myself but a part of me is constantly trying to make my asanas better and CRAVES the criticism and correction of someone who knows better, ie my teacher tonight.

It started with Pranayama at the beginning of class. Did you know you don't have to START with your elbows together? Well tonight I was disabused of the notion that you do. I am happy to learn something new. He also said that the Sanskrit meaning of the word 'asana' means to be be still with normal breath (within a posture).

I am happy to be a student tonight.


ellelove7 said...

Since you brought up pranayama breathing, you know what has been getting me lately? The idea of prana. Breath. When I'm in Pranayama I can't stop thinking about what Prana is and means... and the literal meaning for Prana is "Vital Life" and is responsible for the heart and breath, and is sent to every cell through the body. How profound!

bikramkirsten said...

How profound and magnificent. I guess it is the simple things in life that are so easily overlooked but oh so fascinating. I will think of you and my breath during my next pranayama series :)

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