Snowboarding and Yoga. My two passions. In my mind, I have been saying that yoga is my new snowboarding. The way it soothes me and how clean my mind feels afterwards. But after this weekend, I know that is not the case. Both activities fill me with joy.

Saturday the snow was fresh and fantastic. My body felt young and responsive - I ripped. Sunday I was tired but still, my joints did what I asked them to do on the mountain. Is this yoga a fountain of youth? Do I need to be careful not to spend the stores I have gained over the past year in the hot room?

What joy this weekend brought me. How pure a pursuit. I am renewed.

It is only today that I ache ALL over. I can't wait until my hot Bikram class tonight. I have NO expectations, I just can't wait to go. What a wonderful feeling. How blessed I am to have this body that moves and bends. A little soreness reminds me I am human.

*Photo of Mount Baker, Washington taken last season.

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Catherine said...

Check out Kirsten, shredding the gnar gnar! :) So glad you are back in the hot *and* the cold.

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