Too Much

I quit. It is too much. My body needs to heal before I can strengthen it any furthur.
I thought I could go and just do minimal effort and hold back being uber careful.
Now is not the time to challenge myself with 30 days in a row.
Now IS the time to make sure I don't injure myself farther than I already have.
My mind and my body are on the same page here.

My heart is in the right place but I can't help but be disappointed. I am not disappointed in myself, I am upset that I made a public declaration to finish something and didn't.

It is a personal journey but the 30 day challenge was my way of reaching out.

No fear, there are many 30 and 60 day challenges in my future.

Hopefully I can go to a class next week to lift my spirits and enjoy that healing heat.


AliveintheFire said...

I completely know how you feel! You're doing the right thing. Your body will thank you! Good luck and don't give up hope. :)

klekin on said...

I admire you. honest introspection & soul searching is not easy, and then add owning it publicly. your strength is exceptional and something to be commended! plus, you have a great ability to express yourself from the heart- i think you've really grown in this area and will look to you as a role-model as i try to grow too :)

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