Long distance love

I am unsure of my new body.

I am unsure of asanas that I should sit out, find a happy median with, or go into deeply.

I suppose you could say that right now, me and the 26 asanas of my dear Bikram, have a long distance relationship. It's cool.. we are just getting our footing after deciding to give each other some space. It was a mutual decision. But now things are awkward and the pain is still fresh. We are both positive about our future together, but neither of us are quite sure what is in store.


klekin on said...

not to fear- distance makes the heart grow fonder :)

ellelove7 said...

Long distance is the wrong distance (says Liz Lemon). Don't let your mind tell you that what you are currently doing is wrong! Let your heart battle your mind and tell it that where you are right now is perfect. And it is. And you are perfect. Love your body. Flaws and all. :)

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