I had my first. ever. chiropractic appointment this morning. I am very happy I went but not very happy with the diagnosis.

Those sit-ups I avoid every class because my back feels funny, the really loose feeling in my middle spine after a class, the muscle weakness and subsequent pulls I have after class in the same area... drum roll- NO YOGA FOR about 3 WEEKS. My disc is ready to slip among other less immediate but treatable problems.

Yup that is what Mr. Chiropractor said. I FREAKED and drove directly to my yoga studio where I talked with one of my favorite instructors.. whose name is also Kirsten (but pronounced differently). I just committed to a 30 day challenge- it is POSTED on my blog as a testament to my my commitment and it is even on my facebook!!

How can I back out now. Whose advice do I take? Do I listen to the the doc who says NO back bending whatsoever. I say.. if I can't push myself in this 30 day challenge then what is the point! What is the rush right?

Wise Kirsten the instructor says, that even if I just come 30 days in a row and sit in the room I am still getting the benefit.

SO I decided that maybe my thirty day challenge is going to be about challenging myself in a different way. Maybe it will be a challenge in holding back. I will go tonight, I will do minimum movement and hold back listening to my body and just being in the room.

What a drag.


AliveintheFire said...

Wow. Crazy! I just started treatment at the chiropractor about three weeks ago as well and I totally feel you. It's so hard to find out that our bodies are on the mend and we have to sit back and can't "kill ourselves for 90 minutes" like we're used to doing. You're definitely doing the right thing taking it easy! And who knows: maybe watching class more than usual and/ or just sitting and listening to the dialogue while meditating will open new doors for you. I'll look forward to hearing more :) And I've heard that people who come in feeling sick and just sit through class in the back row DO still benefit! Plus you've got the heat regardless. Good luck, lady! Hang in there. :)

ellelove7 said...

I hear that. Kirsten, do remember that certain postures if done correctly can help those discs! Half moon (sides) can and do help. I have a broken back and half moon has become my strongest posture! I think making the decision even just to go is challenging enough!
I wish you grace in that endeavor as it doesn't always sound like fun, but is definitely challenging to your practice! :)

Catherine said...

Awww, (wo)man! Not the best news, that's for sure.

So many thoughts for you that I'm having trouble getting out now, but in the meantime... Like ellelove7 said, "I wish you grace."

aHappyYogi said...

Oh, I feel with you, I was so happy for you yesterday when you said that you would do a 30 day challenge.

As many instructors say, form is more important than depth.

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