Bring an open willingness to try

I just counted. As of today I have 83 classes under my belt since December 12, 2009.

After 83 classes, is it safe to move to practice 3X a week? During summer it is so hot. My determination and will power to push in the yoga room is not there. So instead of setting the intention to go 'everyday' which I have not yet accomplished for more than 5 consecutive days, perhaps my summertime goal will be less lofty. Deep down I fear that this is my monkey minds' way of veering off the path of well-being.

Since I started Bikram Yoga in December, my relationship with this hot practice can be summed up as follows: The less often I practice, the less I want to practice equals the worse I feel. The more often I practice, the more I want to practice equals the better I feel. In mathematical terms this can be summed up as follows:

X= Going to class
ME= Yours truly

ME + X= +ME

I have decided to take some advice to heart and 'do a double.' I am waiting for a day that is not as hot. I am hoping that this double will inspire me to aim for that goal to go everyday once more. My instructor today was amazing. I enjoy the way she actually instructs and doesn't only recite the dialogue. I like to be pushed and she does just that.

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