I have gotten to this point in class where I am capable. I am capable of trying the correct way, the right way, the hard way. But I am not capable of giving it my 100%. It is just so hard. So hard to push myself to go that extra inch down when I am so happy with my progress up until this point. More benefits will come if I could just push myself. I must inspire myself but I am at a loss for how.

Ardha Chandrasana. How in the world is my body is supposed to bend in this way? I try to relax the muscles in my neck.. back.. so on. I can do a standing backbend with my legs separated, but I have no illusions that it is the same concept. I am lost here. The photo to the right is a beautiful expression of this pose. Her depth is not as deep as I have seen but it is beautiful nonetheless. *Photo from Amina Lahbabl*

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belovely said...

Backbends are a constant struggle! One small suggestion: try a double :) That's right, crazy-sounding I know -- two Bikram sessions back to back...but I swear, it opens up your lower spine like you can't believe. I experienced this and blogged about it awhile back. Feel free to check it out :) http://aliveinthefire.blogspot.com/2010/07/double-down-night-in-which-i-become.html

Hang in there!

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