Tuned in

I now understand the incredible power of turning your brain off and listening to the dialogue. During Dandayamana- Bibhaktapada- Janushirasana (Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose) I put my chin to my chest and went down to find a miracle. My hips were squared, core strong, and my HANDS IN PRAYER! I was solid not shaking and my frond leg was even straight/locked. I was there for about 5 seconds before I realized what I had done.

This pose I have been struggling with for the past couple of months. It seems like it was one of those poses that was easy at first, then harder as the classes wore on. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I know what happened today and I am amazed. This is the same pose, that two weeks ago- our instructor paced the room and called those of us who couldn't bring our hands together, "lazy". Since then, I have been repeating that to myself. Wow.

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