If you can, you must

This weekend me and my partner practiced the standing series outside in the sunshine. We went on a mini vacation to beautiful and spiritual Salt Spring Island, BC. There are so many like minded and kind people in this place. We practiced our standing series at our camp ground on freshly cut grass. Without a mirror to guide my body, I felt each muscle, compression, and stretch guide my body into the right place. I am stickler for form in the yoga room. I blame this on years of harsh gymnastic training. They only critisize because they know you can do better and have faith that you will. This is probably one of the reasons I like Bikram Yoga- I can really push myself. If you can you must. The picture above/below depending on where your browser places it is Tuladandasana. I know my toes are not pointed.

We visited the yoga school on the island and practiced some Bhakti yoga in the form of devotional songs, it was a surreal experience because it felt like people were using yoga as a religion instead of a spirituality. Yoga is a tool to unite with your higher self. When it comes time for me to study yoga I don't think this will be the place for me but it was a good experience nonetheless.

Class today was good. It was hard and I stood in the front. Wise words from Bikram, "The posture is never the object when practicing yoga- the body is the object."

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