I AM strength, will power, dedication, and openness for Ustrasana. How can I apply this beautiful attitude to my entire 26 Hatha asanas? My back uncurls like a baby fern. The font part of my spine exposed and my anxieties and fears open for the world to see while I am unafraid. My body aches to throw it all forward to leap forward into new territory. I hold it. I try. I push. I see myself.

I am reading Bikram's second book right now and I see the importance of doing my asanas correctly. Bikram Yoga is not a 'different kind' of yoga- not really. It is simply Hatha Yoga taken as was meant to be practiced with no props or modifications. My first experience with Yoga was a B.K.S. Iyengar yoga video narrated and demonstrated by Patricia Waldon. It introduces Hatha Yoga, but modifications are made so that it is easier for the student. Bikram Yoga consists of 26 of the original 84 Hatha asanas done is a specific sequence. *Photo- Jennifer Aitchison*

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