I am so much more flexible later in the day. Today was amazing and inspiring. I was actually able to get lock my knees during Pada- Hastasana. I did not experience the same stiffness in my back I had a beautiful meditation during class. As my thoughts ran, I was able to seperate myself from them. Looking at them like a highway which I could exit at anytime I wanted. It was a beautiful peaceful feeling as I began to explore the idea further in each Savasana as class progressed.

I felt like a pod, a little leaf attached to the tree of life. The tree being busy with thoughts and ideas. It is full of fast life with time unforgiving. Assuming we are all like the leafs on a tree taking rooted energy from the solid foundation of the tree and giving sunlight and energy good and bad back to the tree of life. I realize most people have no filters and many don't appreciate the power they have to give. I usually don't, or if I do- I don't have the confidence to act.

I meditated on the idea that I can control what I give back to the tree of life. I decided that, with this new awareness of my thoughts I will try to only give back positive and nutrient rich thoughts/energy. I know- I sound a little 'out there' and maybe a little cliche with the tree of life mumbo jumbo- but what a beautiful and comforting thought!!! What a safe warm feeling to be a beautiful green leaf, healthy enough to meet the sun each day. I am attached to this beautiful tree in all the seasons of my life. How beautiful is this yoga that inspires me to be conscious of my mind/body and my roll in this life.

A grown woman broke down in class today. She was crying. Our instructor asked her if she was ok- she said no. She stayed in the room.

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belovely said...

I love your posts, as usual :) Your diligence in the hot room and in the blogosphere really does show itself!

I am also so proud of your neighbor in class who powered through class despite her emotions. I recently posted about how curious I am about emotions creeping up on us in the middle of Bikram class (see "the emotion-weary yogi" here: http://aliveinthefire.blogspot.com/2010/06/local-characters-continued.html). I've felt emotions during class before, but never been overwhelmed to the point of tears. In a way it must be quite relieving -- in addition to flushing your body of toxins and junk, you also get a deep personal release. Hard to handle during the middle of holding the postures, I'm sure, but it would be moving nonetheless.

It's crazy to think some people don't stay in the room just because they're feeling a little hot or nauseous... now the lady you encountered KNOWS what it means to have Bengal tiger strength and bulldog determination!

Hope you had a happy fourth!

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