Look into your own two eyes, you are your teacher

Today I had a difficult time focusing on myself in the mirror. I tend to look around.. especially at the more advanced students. I cannot decide if I am looking because I aspire to be better or if I am trying to suppress an urge to compete. I am not a competitive person.. by definition- but we all must have this urge deep down. It is an interesting thing to explore.

Today in class, I worked on training my mind to focus on me, myself, and I in the mirror. Only me in the mirror. As I was forcing my mind and being strict with myself I remembered the advice, to 'walk myself by the hand slowly'. I decided that I would wait for myself to follow my guru in the mirror. I believe it is important to be strict but is is also important not to be impatient.

Class was hard. It was hot. I dumped half of my water bottle onto my stomach because I thought it would cool me down. Getting back to Bikram after taking a break is hard work. I am reading A History of Yoga and it mentions that there are two main paths to becoming more one with the Spirit or something of that grain. These two paths are abstaining or yoga. The author suggests that most people will choose abstaining (ie in non-violence/fasting/ squandering harsh words/choose your vice) than will choose the path of yoga. I thought surely this can't be true- yoga is so much more active and simple and more appealing to me. But look at the general populous. I believe it- at least for now.

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