Books are People too

I am sitting in the Gardening section of my public library. It seemed like a kind and gentle place to sit. Gardening takes patience, care, hands that work with the earth. I like my spot here next to the window and in the sunshine. I am studying the details of undifferentiated prenatal development and daydreaming... Soo many books on gardening.

Pretending each book is written by a different person, how many people have spent their lives finding their path and bliss? Everyone does in a certain way- some more consciously than others. Taking all of their wisdom and putting it in writing, sharing with the world- sitting on the shelf ready to be picked up- gazillions of pages of time and effort- labored over and lovingly/passionately shared. Each of these people/authors/ souls have set out to master an idea. Dedicated their lives/parts of their lives to one subject where they found momentary happiness and perhaps a life's purpose. This is noble. This is what life is- finding what makes you happy and doing that. Dedication and hard work. Nothing comes easy- humility and an open mind/heart.

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