Carpe Diem.. tomorrow

I will return to my practice tomorrow. I have been healing from my tattoo. The purpose of taking time off is to ensure that the color does not fade and that the tattoo heals correctly- not stretching the skin or causing it any added stress. There are so many blogs/websites that say when healing from a tattoo- it is ok to practice/ it isn't ok to practice/ Bikram helps your tattoo heal faster/ stay away from Bikram beause of the sweat and stretching .. the fact is no one can seem to agree so I am doing what is right for me. My first layer of scabbing is ALMOST completely gone and I am ready get back. I am more than ready, to get back.

When considering the Bikram path I have chosen, these de-affirmations (is that even a word) have been on my mind lately:

"Why in the hell would you put yourself through that?'

"I couldn't stand that hot room."

The only answer I can give this right now is that Bikram Yoga feels right. My body feels tight and capable. My mind is calm. I am looking forward to these next few weeks of practice making the commitment to go everyday that I am in town.


belovely said...

Ooh, what's your tattoo?! I'd love to see a picture :) I find that there are a lot of beautiful inky artworks in the hot room; don't you? :)

Kirsten Flower Petal Blooming said...

Hi Belovely! I had some flowers (King's Crown found in high alpine environments + some Cherry Blossoms) added to an existing tattoo. I completely agree, there are some amazing tattoos to focus on during class- I find a lot of people actually have sayings and writing on their body. Strong statement there!

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