Spread Well Being

Today was an amazing class. I stood right by the humidifier and sweat my butt off. I gave 99% the whole class and found myself short of breathe more than once. I have not practiced since my last post- about a week ago so I was definitely worried that class would be difficult. Instead I was more dedicated than ever to try harder.

As always it was a struggle to stay in the room and...it was a hot one! Two first timers to make the room extra hot. During Janushirasana ( seated separate leg stretching), I was actually able to flex my foot pulling my heal of the ground, touching forehead to knee, and bending my elbows. I believe that it was a combination of my focus and the humidity that enabled me to push through my reservations today.

My contacts were in the wrong eyes, making my reflection in the mirror blurry. I think this actually served me well- as I was able to tune out of what was going on around me. Focusing only on my blurry form and my own sacred space.

In this new chapter of my life, I am expanding my mind by making yoga and school my catalyst. I am on a path and see it extend in front of me. I pray for strength and determination to keep taking the steps forward as I realize my potential. One day I will be able to spread well being instead of just receiving it from others.

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