My Sweat looks like glitter

In the spirit of moving along my new path, I am picking up the pace of my yoga practice. I have gone two times within 24 hours. The heat was not as bad as I thought it would be on this second series, but that doesn't mean I was any less irritated with myself throughout class. Right next to the first timer.. again.. and somehow the teacher new my name. Her teaching style was rigid and refreshing. Calling my name and giving both reassurance and correction. My body feels worked and clumsy now. Probably dehyadrated. Since class today I have dropped cherries in the supermarket, a pan, my bike on my foot, my yoga mat fell out of my hands.. it is time to get a grip!

During Dundayamana- Bibhaktapata- Janushirasana (Standing Seperate Leg Head to Knee Pose), I let my eyes loose focus as my forehead touched my knee and. behold- glitter! I believe this yoga practice is sometimes for the tortured soul. The reward? Glitter.

On this journey of well being- and bringing it to others- I have a hard time doing anything other than leading by example. So often I get flustered, worried, and rigid. I try to let these feelings pass in the yoga room but it is difficult. Maybe I will take my contacts out again so that I may focus more closely on myself... as that is what this 90minutes is. A focus on self so that I might be able to give more throughout the rest of the day.

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