My Decsion

I waited until 8PM for the last Bikram's class offered at my neighborhood studio. I did this because I knew that tonight my mind would be running wild and I would be desperately trying to calm it. My 90 minutes spent in class were used to control and meditate on the certainty of my strong body- to feel its edges and angels as I moved.

My intention today was determination to be at peace with my decisions. Small decisions in class such as not falling out of Dandayamana-JanuShirasana (Standing Head to Knee). My left leg kicks out so much more proud than my right one.

In Tadasana (Tree Pose), I looked at the way my strong and broad shoulders curve gently up creating my neck then up to my eyes and my hair as it fell out of place. I am gentle and I and strong. I am confident that the decision I made earlier today was neither right nor a wrong. I realize that is not what was ever about- the decision I made earlier today was My decision.

My class today was beautiful. My yoga practice is always challenging but today I chose to go to class because I wanted to and because I needed to.

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