It is good for you.

My legs twisted like a pretzel today in Garurasana (eagles pose). I have always been capable of compressing them with toes hooked on calf, but never able to point my toes down.. today I am one step closer. I find that I can only fully engage in this pose when I consciously tighten my stomach muscles. What a difference this makes, without tightening my muscles I look like a fat pigeon. With tightened stomach muscles, I am proud. I especially enjoyed the sensation of pulling down on my elbows today. My elbows are the key to loosening up my shoulders and upper back. I think these are called the the trapezius muscles.

I can confidently look forward during Tuladandasana (balancing stick pose). I started by focusing on the logo on my towel until one day and instructor said, "Kirsten look forward" <-- I fell. Then I began glancing forward occasionally. Now I am able to look forward for the full ten seconds of glory that is Tulandandasana.

Padangustasana (toes stand) is forever a challenge for me. My knees are weak and so is my mind. When I attempt the pose my knees feel like they are too small for my body. Today I did not push myself far in this asana.

Is it possible to be too proud in Trikanasana (triangle pose)? My chest broke free towards the ceiling, I felt so strong as my arms pulled me in opposite directions, but after coming out of the pose my back felt wrong. I hold my stress, worries, and concerns, in my back muscles. What is my body telling me today? My mind told my body to stop but an instructor once said that too often we stop at the first sign of discomfort when our body is perfectly capable of working through it. I was not able to do that today. Ouch.

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