Last night was a late night movie, the second to be exact. We did not finish the Mahabharata until about 2AM. We are also still finishing up Half Moon pose in which we present our Half Moon dialogue to Bikram directly in addition to our 420+ fellow yogi trainees. As my friends cross the stage I cannot help but notice that we are all glowing! Bald heads are shiny, shoulders are squeaky clean, and arms are glowing as they touch the ceiling in Half Moon. No one is immune to how clean our bodies are becoming by cleaning them out from day to day. Personally, I have always said that the one thing Bikram Yoga does not help me with is my skin. I stand corrected. I simply was not doing enough yoga. I am now starting the second week and clogged pores in my face that no aesthetician could get to and no needle could penetrate are working their way out. Sure, I still break out a bit but the overall smoothness of my skin is 110% improved. Everyone is glowing.

Upon arriving, we all received samples of Bikram Balance. The product is designed not as a meal replacement as there is no protein in it, but as a supplement ideally used for early morning yoga sessions when you don't have time to eat first. Emmy Cleaves says that we must come to class with something in our stomach and I don't mean a steak. She says it should be something like fruit that can work its way down quickly so we can get the nutrients but not be hindered by digestion during class. The Bikram Balance is great for that if only it didn't taste like spirulina mint toothpaste. With that said, it does serve a purpose but for now while my body is still holding up I am shoveling an orange every morning into my mouth before class. I am drinking 6-8 liters of water a day and supplementing with electrolyte pills before and after class, juice from half a lemon in the morning with 10 drops of Concentrace, and an EmergenC packet in the evenings. Ice water has never tasted so good.


Ching-a-ling said...

wow, that's a lot of hydration. I only drink maybe 3 liters at best. You're definitely showing me the way....

Bikramyogajourney said...

Ching.. From the two people that I have talked with, 8 is about average for this point in the game. As the weeks go on, I might the able to function with a little less. Two classes per day= ALOT of sweat. 3 liters for one class a day is probably perfect.

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