A Hip Overhaul

My 30 day challenge is in its final stretch. I have made some new friends at the studio which has an awesome community but my practice isn't really much different than when I started the challenge. I guess it IS more consistent but sometimes I expect miracles. My breath is becoming ever more important class by class but my flexibility is in the pits. And OH MY HIPS. Good God how they scream at me during Standing Separate Leg Stretching, Tauladasana (standing on right leg), Final Spinal, and also during Separate Leg Stretching. The right hip, right hamstring, right lower back, even my right butt cheek, feel like a squeaky metal car in need of oil. Visualize: squeaky butt cheek.......That is a lot of postures and a lot of body parts that need oil. I need an overhaul. PIMP MY RIDE!

On the plus side, I have submitted my scholarship application to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training for this April session. Today the road there seems so long and so hard. I'll keep on movin'.

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