I am two weeks into my 30 day challenge and officially done with my South Beach Phase 1 detox. The intense cravings that I was having for carbs and greasy foods are gone thanks to both the yoga and the detox. My practice is strong but after a double yesterday I am pooped! Bikram Teacher Training in April is a possibility for me but two classes a day five days a week is HUGE! Right now I am coming to terms with that commitment as well as time apart from my family. Family is just a phone call away but two classes a day will not be. Two classes a day are right in your face. It will be a challenge and I am trying to focus on exactly WHY I want to be a teacher. Defining that is a struggle because it keeps changing.

I want to share this yoga and I believe that after years of gymnastics training, sports, and injuries I have an eye for what the human body is capable of. I want to go and at this time while taking part in the 30 day challenge, I am coming to terms with the reality of what being a Bikram Teacher will mean for me.

I am getting to the point in my practice and with my fitness that I am hyperaware of where my body starts and stops. When I press my forehead to my knee and grip my foot, my muscles are strong. There is less resistance in class to push a little bit further and the encouragement from my instructors is so awesome. Standing Head to knee is coming along. I am kicking out but not tripping out on it like before.

I love being in the hot room with other 30 day challengers. The energy is awesome and I love seeing that we really are all in this together.

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