If I could take all of the fantastic morsels of wisdom I hear in the hot room and write them down, I would be famous. Sometimes I get so lost in the dialogue, its like being on acid in the hot room. I think, 'That is so true, totally, yes, wow." How many times do you hear something, but how many times do you REALLY hear it? Today a smile graced my practice. All practice hovering inside me and around me, I let go. I stopped fighting my body and how hard this path is. Today, I was kind.

Kindness is a theme in my practice lately. Breathing into it and noticing with kindness my limitations. Being kind instead of judgmental and hard on my body when it won't go past a certain point. It has made all the difference in the world. All my life I hear quotes and suggestions of kindness, but only lately have I really heard the message. Yoga is beautiful and I cannot get enough today.
*Graphic by Ronnel Cabardo

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