Birthday Shred

What kind of yogi am I? It has been super hard maintaining a regular practice. Sure, I am hard on myself but my sights are set on Teacher Training in April and I've gotta get it together. Our recent move to a new city puts us 30 minutes from Whistler and extra days on the mountain are killing my knees. Really, they are.

That strong Awkward Pose I used to inhabit has turned into chicken shit. Pain and through the nose doggy panting in the hot room and heavy painkillers on the mountain. Yes, I stop when I my body tells me too but only after I get my runs in. How true is it that you don't often appreciate what you have until after it is gone. I am talking about health.

On the other hand, all of the hip opening and space created in my vertebral column make my body feel loose and free on the mountain. I get to a steep line and instead of backtracking, I tell myself to breathe. Now, just to fix that knee.

The reality is that my knee will never be fixed and I enjoy sports. It's like hitting your head against the wall and then complaining that you have a headache. For now the plan is to shred, loose a couple pounds, and bikram it up until the knee is as good as it is going to get (which ain't good.)

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