Sing your heart out

6 months ago during Savasana, I lay still listening to my heart-beat and life force. I heard an irregular beat. It happened again in subsequent classes.

Fast forward today, I sit clutching a coffee trying to trigger my irregular heart-beats. I am waiting for tests to be administered in about an hour. I fear.

I have been so healthy and whole since I stepped on the path of yoga. I have changed my life for the better in every possible way. What if I can not enter the hot room for a long, long, long time?

I sit here and listen to every beat. Don't take your heart for granted, every beat is a gift.

My membership renews with Bikram Yoga here in Vancouver on August 20. I promise that if I am cleared by the doctor that I will give my whole heart and and body to health on that class on August 20.

I write this today because I want to share. I have bumps along the way in yoga and sometimes I don't share them on my blog. I am ever fearful of crossing that boundary of private to public. I often wish that I could share what I learned from those bumps.

Let's hope these bumps are healthy manageable ones.


Yolk E said...

I don't know if you have a history of heart palpitations that you're concerned about, or something more serious, a bump you're not sharing?

I had heart palpitations for about a month a while back. I've always got the flip-flop every now and again, but this one period seemed like long and shocking flippity flops. Anyway, the doc only recorded one. Called 'em PVCs, premature ventricular contractions. Probably fine, probably they'll go away.

Hope this little bump leave you alone! :-)

Mark said...

All of us have our bumps along the way. Some are for publishing, some are more private. It completely rests with you as to what to share... perhaps those lessons are to be revealed later? I pray all is well with you!! Peace.

gamebred said...

i have irregular heart rhythm as well along with a murmur. when i went to get my murmur checked out they thought i had had a heart attack because of the pattern my irregular beats had on my ekg. my cardiologist said that it is actually quite normal for younger women to have skipped beats. not sure how long you have been practicing, but you might not have noticed it before and notice it now due to a stronger mind/body connection.

the more active i am the less i have the skipped beats. i hope you are able and encouraged to stick with the bikram. email me at teachbikramorbust@yahoo.com if you have any questions for someone who has been through heart stuff.

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