Have you encountered someone who is confrontational about Bikram yoga? People that after never having practiced, are convinced that Bikram Yoga is B.A.D. and is not a good activity not for them.

B.A.D. (Bikram Associative Delusion)
Bikram: 26 Hatha Yoga Asanas+ 2 breathing exercises in a specific sequence
Associative: dependent on or acquired by association
Delusion: A persistent psychotic belief

I am not talking about people who are unsure and have doubts about the heat or who have put limits on their ability, I am referring to people who say, "Bikram Yoga is the worst thing you can do to your body." But they have never tried it.
I have encountered two of those people in my life. One of these people let's call her 'Omega' said those exact words. She said that her acupuncturist recommended Hatha Yoga and not Bikram Yoga. When I burst her bubble and calmly (as opposed to her suddenly heated resistance the suggestion that it might help her many health conditions) that Bikram Yoga is in fact Hatha Yoga.. she did not absorb it and became almost belligerent in her attempt to stick to her guns.

I could feel her internal temperature rising and changed the subject.

The second person who I encountered with strong feelings against Bikram Yoga was a man I shall call, 'The Reactivist'. He tried Bikram yoga once but felt very strongly that it was not 'real yoga' that it was not conducive to his transcendence.. or something like this. His contempt for Bikram Yoga as palatable and again I changed the subject.

I guess it all comes down to resistance. But what exactly are they resisting?

It is easier to believe what you think than to think about what you believe.


Yolk E said...

What are they resisting? The fact that it seems too hard and they want an excuse not to try it ;-) There's my snarky answer.

Bikramyogajourney said...

I like it.

Anna said...

Thanks for this blog! I'm writing my own blog about losing 20 lbs before I hit the big 3-0, and Bikram is a part of that journey. I recently found out that a top search term for people finding my blog was 'Bikram bad 2011' - which makes absolutely no sense, since my posts are about how much I love yoga. So I went searching and found you and some other less savory posts. It's crazy to me that people will go out of their way to discourage others from getting the most out of life. Best of luck in your practice!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I just wrote about this too - because it drives me crazy! http://wp.me/p1EGAp-c Your last line is classic, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

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