Hit the Deck

Well, I did it. 3X in one week. 3 days in a row.
My mind is quiet and my spirits are high even though my hamstrings are sore and my joints are vocal.
Last night I went to the 9:30 PM class. I stood in the front and told myself, 'You wouldn't be here if you didn't want be here so go ahead and give 'er.' I sweat, I pushed, I realigned. I move forward.

This morning at my 10AM class, I stood comfortably in the back, confident in my choice to come. I stood next to Alice. Alice is a 70-80 year old lady with white hair, thick black rimmed glasses, and not much flexibility. She turned and held onto the wall when she needed balance, she didn't sit out postures, and in the words of my instructor, she had a very honest practice. My heart swelled at standing next to her and I embraced the life cycle that we ALL are a part of. We are all at different stages and we must never stop trying.

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