Healthy IN and OUT of the hot room

It's been a while, but I am still here. Let me bring you up to speed on my oh so conscious decision to dabble in an alternative approach to well being. I am back to full time student status and an on-call position at my surf/snowboarding company. Other than the hot room, and my new snowboard, the new loves of my life are listed below. It is all about well being so be the person you want to be tomorrow, today.

1.Flor Essence Tea. I have bitten the bullet and decided to detox. A couple of posts back I spoke about laziness. Well this is a way to focus on REALLY being my best. I am on day 4 of this detox and I don't feel much different, no veil has been lifted no grand shits have been taken. I can pretty much eat what I want while sipping two cups of this tea a day. The detox is within a healthy lifestyle. What I get out of it is completely dependent on what I put in. I am in control here. For a list of what type of foods you eat, get ready to elevate yourself to bunny rabbit status and click here.

2. Kefir. Real Tibetan Mushroom Kefir. It was a gift from a friend, and I drink about one cup each day. I am on day four. If you are interested in ordering your own or learning more about it, this website is a great resource: Tibetan Kefir Musroom.

3. Have you looked into your Sigg water bottle lately? I did and was NOT ready for what I found. I was ready for a new water bottle! Let's just leave it that. My new bottle from Lifefactory has a super wide mouth so I can add ice and other supplements easily. It is also transparent so no nasty surprises.

4. Kiehl's moisturizer. Bikram yoga does NOT give me beautiful skin. It inspires breakouts where my chin touches my towel. If, making me look prebusecent and hormonal is what they mean by making me appear ageless, Bikram yoga gives what it promises. In a desperate attempt to balance my skin, I have found this. Kiehl's Facial Moisturizer. It is just as imporatant to moisturize as it is to cleanse after class. My skin is glowing and with a couple less breakouts. The moisturizer is lightweight and wonderful and not too heavy for multiple applications per day.


Outside and Inside
It's all part of the same ride
You don't have to run and hide
To Keep your eyes open for the rising tide
- String Cheese Incident

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