This whole job interview business has me thinking.

Do you have the courage to go for what you want? In the yoga room, I feel foolish giving my 110% sometimes with my serious face on and my special shakti costume all shiny and new. Do you go for what you want or do you put it out there and let others decide for you?

Yoga certainly inspires me to be even more noncommittal and I am not sure if this is always what the situation calls for.
My interviewer said, "It sounds like you could go either way. If this doesn't work out then you have another path. I guess that is how you kind of have to be." I thought, "Yeah, that is my life experience."

Earning money for teacher training starts with an honest effort. Teacher Training is something I know I want, I only have that small glimpse.

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Yolk E said...

Interesting post. It sounds like you were being really HONEST with your interviewer, which can only lead to good things. "Faking" enthusiasm or certainty that the job is perfect for you doesn't seem like the way to go...

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