I started class soooo happy, annoyingly happy.
I quickly decided today was the the day for me to do a double.
Oh how overambitious I was. Class took a turn for the worse.

I made it. I didn't leave the room.
I was not too hard on myself because my hefty dose of Robitussin cough medicine was playing mean tricks on my body and mind.

After class, the girl to the front and side of me told me that she really enjoyed practicing by me today.
Wow. I was flustered!
Still absorbing the compliment and reflecting on why.
I really made the practice my own today and am thinking this may be a part of it.


Catherine said...

Isn't it funny/awesome/awful how quickly and completely this yoga can be a total mindf*ck? Congratulations on not leaving the room, and congrats on your neighbor's love. :)

Also, Robitussin+yoga - yikes. You're one brave lady!

Virginia said...

I agree with Catherine about the Robitussin and yoga. Think about it. Love you!

Yolk E said...

I second Catherine and Virginia on the Robitussin. Once I took a tylenol P.M. by mistake in the morning, and even in my evening practice I was waaaaay messed up.

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