I have committed to a 60 day challenge. I am not going 60 days in a row, but rather I am going five days a week for 60 days. This is possible, but I have already fallen behind. I decided to kick start it by going with my friend who introduced me to yoga.. but kept finding excuses not to go. They were legit... but the were excuses. I HATE working out or going to yoga in the morning. The best part of a morning Bikram class for me is getting it out of the way.

I am less flexible, cranky, and not connected to my body. I am two different bodies in the morning and and night. A whole commited yoigini at night and a cranky take it easy novice in the morning.

I am three days into the challenge, and already I must go 6 days next week to make up for my procrastination earlier this week. So with this said, last night I had THE BEST CLASS.. I did all postures, pushed hard, and stood in the front. This morning at the ugly 10AM I could barely touch my toes. This is so frustrating.

So this brings me to another point. Bullshit. Last night an older and overweight lady in the back decided to move her mat and jingle her car keys mid standing bow. OH the horror. Being zen and the polished night-time yogini that I am, I ignored it and held the posture. My instructor was on the situation in no time asking the lady to move between postures and not during... you know the drill. I don't know what she did after that, but my tenacious and (one of my favorite instructors) bent down, covered the microphone, and said that she needed to show more discipline and stop moving around, wiping, ect. The lady TALKED BACK to her. WOW. They exchanged a few words and I could tell my tenatious instructor was frazzeled. She left the room during Savasana to regain her cool.

I have seen some teachers overstep their bounds with students. But, I have also seen teachers not step up enough. This yoga is about discipline. Without judging, maybe just showing up and wiping down with a towel all class was this woman's best. Maybe it wasn't. I think it wasn't. But when is it appropriate for a teacher to call 'bullshit'.

I enjoy being called out. I wonder if that lady was in Bikram's class if she would have been kicked out.

I found this photo through Bikram Yoga Vienna.


Anonymous said...

Fellow Yogi,

I began Bikram at a studio with intructors who enforced discipline, and am now stuck at a studio where students get away with murder! I've seen watches, wiping towels, and ipod...someone rubbing lotion on thier feet during class...really?!?!?! Very frustrating! Hope you're enjoying your journey!


Bikramyogajourney said...

Megan. Don't let them steal your peace.. it's not worth it! Hope you are well and that things have improved since you posted this comment.

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