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I have completed 18 Bikram classes in 20 days. If I am to successfully complete my 30 day challenge of 30 classes in 30 days, I must keep going everyday with two days of doubles by February 11. I don't see giving up now, that really isn't in the cards.. I am just carefully planning my 'double days.' Fear is building.

Another breakthrough! I don't consistently move forward in postures, I leap forward.. then nothing for weeks. This is of course is looking at purely my physical body in expression of the asana. It is the mind body connection that suddenly clicks and that song by CeCe Peniston sticks in my head... 'finally it has happened to me, right in front of my face,...'but it isn't about a man, it is about yoga.

The posture I am referring to here is Stretching pose. It has taken my 20+ years to get here. Even in gymnastics, 30+ hours of it a week growing up, I could NOT open into this one stretch. It is like my body just wasn't built that way. Never frustrated by it, I just simply took it with a grain of salt because we can't have it all, right?

But I get it now! I get where my body is supposed to go and it is on the road, my body is found on the map, I see my destination! Finally!

My fiancee actually inspired me to try a new approach to the posture. I laughed during class when I looked over and saw him with knees bent, butt out, back strait as a broomstick. He looked immensely constipated!
BUT I realized what he was doing. I actually don't really know how to describe it, except it looks like the LEAST flexible but MOST anatomically correct expression of the posture.

After I tried the hot room constipation technique (in addition to going everyday for 17 days), everything fell into place. I tried the right way.

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