Last night I found my breath. Last night I didn't want to go to class at all, then I found it. I keep forgetting to open my chest in and out of the yoga room. The pressure it puts on my lower back is annoying. I must be careful with my strength. My body doesn't need to be pushed to the edge, it needs to be respected. In holding back, I have found that I can go farther. During Standing Head to Knee Pose, on my strong side, I was surprised to find that my lifted leg was weightless. The time go kick out was now. I was not afraid and I was not out of breath. This is yoga. I kicked forward calmly.


ellelove7 said...

Woah. I don't know how I've been mising your posts!

That's awesome! So cool how you've finally found the sweet spot you've been looking for. Relish in the relish! ;)

AliveintheFire said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :)

Love this post. So proud of you!

Bikramyogajourney said...

Thank you both.

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