Torture is okay but only without grimace

Confession. I have not been to yoga since December 28. That is exactly two weeks and two days ago.
I went today. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I died." I stood in the back and did my own thing. I am pretty positive the expression on my face was fair warning to my instructor to leave me alone. Her inspiring words told me that Yoga is not a competition, you work with where you are at. Progress comes naturally and you shouldn't push it. Well.. I hadn't been in two weeks and I could barely even put my hands behind my heels in pada-hastasana. Ouf. So what if I like to complain today, I went to yoga:)

I have:
☮A bruised tailbone
☮A small fracture somewhere on one of my left toes.

In class I felt:
♥Like a tub of lard
♥Stiff like a board
♥Large and not in charge
♥without power or motivation

Progress Report: Today I held both sides for the full length of time first and second set. My leg was on fire, really. In flames. It was my first day back in a while so I am happy with that. My goal is to comfortably extend legs on both sides for 'L like Linda' over the next few months. By the end of the year I want to be able to hold the posture in full expression for the second set.
**I cannot find the site to credit for this photo.


AliveintheFire said...

Love this photo! Where did you find it?!

Also, I can totally relate to this post on many accounts. First, the coming back and dying in class. It can be so hard sometimes to return to yoga after a break. It's like slipping backwards a whole block instead of just one or two steps.

Props for having the courage to stick with it!

Also, the grimacing. I notice this in class a lot (and I imagine teachers do even more). Yogis need to relax their faces! Relaaaax! Enjoy the posture. Choose not to suffer. :)

If you can, you must!


klekin on said...

hey friend, just wanted to say i love and support you :)

oh. one more thing...Binker. i witnessed him doing some yoga poses...it was really quite interesting

bikramkirsten said...

AITF(aliveinthefire), I can't find the site where I found the photo- but I added the words and special effects personally. Who knew photo editing could be so addictive and fun! Thanks for the kind words- you always know what to say :).

Klekin- i love Binker.

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