Don't leave your snot rags in the yoga room.

Well I am back on track. Still not where I was, but yesterdays class was exponentially better. In addition, I felt so calm and languid afterwards. Boy have I missed that feeling. All during class, I was really feelin' the energy in the back of the room. I was impressed with the magnificant expression of postures around me. It turns out that there were a bunch of visiting teachers in the back. Bingo. The Western Canada Hatha Yoga Championship is coming up. I am excited to go. I hope they let us take tons of pictures because I will be all up on that. Progress Report: Again I held Dandayamana Janushirasana for the full time, both sets. I looked at myself in the mirror during the second set instead of grimacing at the ground and pulling my energy inward to my core as not to scream. But I did hold it. Progress comes slow in this one. The reason that I have chosen it to excel on, is because I know I can. I have on occasion reached full expression in the past, so why shouldn't I attempt to do so more consistently. I am enjoying this dedication and process.

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