I am just going to keep going and see what happens.

Day 7 in a row. I am SO drained. I feel like a ghost.


AliveintheFire said...

Hang in there! Let me know if there's any support I can throw your way :)

Love that line "I feel like a ghost"!

Although I don't actually want you to feel like a ghost.. :) But it's an awesome description!


ellelove7 said...

Do ghosts have feelings? Just curious. :)
Just think about how clean your insides are gonna be!

bikramkirsten said...

Ghosts have feelings but are kinda boring to be around. It feels kinda when you have been crying and are so drained- there is no emotion left and you walk around with that 'so what' feeling. haha.

I went to 10AM yesterday and am waiting until 6 or 8 tonight to go- that gives me a solid 24 hours between classes.

I don't know how long the challenge is going to be.. i don't even want to call it that- but I am going to just keep going. Thanks for the support ladies.

Catherine said...

"just going ... to see what happens"

Cool. :)

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