First things first. I got my AWESOME Baktuli towel in the mail. I won the towel by entering the holiday giveaways on Alive in the Fire. Rachel at Alive in the Fire teamed up with Yoga with Style for this lucky giveaway. This is a picture of the towel. Baktuli makes hot yoga towels that are durable and ideal for the hot yoga girl or guy. My man has sported one for the past 4 months and now I do to! I broke mine in last night. Buy them online here.
A towel and mat are required to practice Bikram Yoga. This is for many reasons. The first being that you sweat. You sweat a lot. Sweat is slippery. A towel gives traction and eliminates your sweat from puddling. Ew. We also use the towel in Rabbit Posture as seen in the picture. The towel is brought over the feet in order to ensure you get a grip that allows you to focus on the posture, not the slippage.
The Baktuli is SLIGHTLY longer than my Yoga mat which is perfect, because I am slightly longer than my yoga mat. It is super soft and really absorbent. This particular towel says, 'Some like it hot'. Indeed. So a big thanks to Rachel at Alive in the Fire and Jen at Yoga with Style. It IS in giving that we receive and this towel is a reminder of the good things that happen when you put yourself out there and do what you love.

P.S. You're a towel.

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