My practice was sloppy today!
I couldn't get my balance and I sat out a couple of postures.

I am thinking it is due to all of my big holiday meals, an early morning class, and my lack of schedule while on vacation. During Savasana our instructor asked if any of us had heard the old wives tale that you are born with a certain number of heartbeats. Once you use those heartbeats, your time is up.

As my heart beat faster and faster, I couldn't slow it down fast enough!

I dropped a huge can of pineapple juice on my foot a couple of days ago and am still not sure if there is a small fracture in there. Today that place on my foot itched and itched. I guess that means it is healing.

As I drove to class this morning, strait out of bed, I realized that yoga is my drug. I HAD to get my fix. That hour and a half takes the nervous energy right out of me (usually) and I am able to be calm and patient with others.

I am going to enjoy a special night with my family. I got my yoga in for the day. I am calm and cool. I am happy to be present.

P.S. New yoga top today! Whisk Bra By Tonic (color Ocean). I like to wear blue in the yoga room, it reminds me of cool ocean water. This pic doesn't really do it justice.

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AliveintheFire said...

I know what you mean about needing your fix! I seriously wake up sometimes and am just itching for the yoga. It's like I can't calm down til I've practiced. :P

Glad to hear you went to class, even if it felt a little off. I think it's really hard to practice at the holidays, esp. when your schedule is changed around.

Enjoy new years!

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